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Student Affairs

Student Governance

The Student Union

The Student Executive is the oficial body for student representation at the College. Each campus at the College has its own student union executive which serves as the primary voice for students’ issues and concerns. The Student Services coordinator gives oversight to the activities of the Student Union on all three campuses and each campus has a student liaison oficer who advises his/her respective executive members about organizing campus activities. The Union’s Executive includes the president, treasurer, secretary, sports coordinator, public relations oficer and cultural and entertainment chairperson who are all elected by the student body. The Student Union executive also works with the elected class representatives.

Class and Environmental Representatives

In addition to the Students’ Union, class representatives assist in monitoring and enhancing the flow of information to and from students to other areas of the College community. Class Representatives serve as the direct link between course groups, lecturers and administration. They take the responsibility of communicating the students’ problems, views and suggestions to the relevant personnel. Environmental representatives are responsible for monitoring the general cleanliness of the classrooms and campus in order to create an environment that is conducive to learning.

Learning support services for students

Co-curricular Activities

At Brown’s Town Community College we cater to the holistic needs of our students and as such we have programmes/activities which are designed to stimulate social and cultural awareness, physical well-being, and intellectual stimulation as well as spiritual and moral growth. These programmes/activities are facilitated primarily through the Office of the Vice Principal of Student Services and include Co-curricular Clubs & Societies, Personal Counselling, Career Guidance, Peer Counselling, Social Outreach, Club Festival as well as Recreational Activities.

Clubs and/or Societies currently operating on our campuses include, Circle K, Health Club, 4H, Tourism Action, Modern Language, Science, Debating and Public Speaking, Young Entrepreneur Society, Drama, University & Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF), University & Colleges Apostolic Ministry (UCAM), Optimist Club, Environmental Club and Auto Club (Technical Campus only).

They are not only supported, but also encouraged by the College’s Administration as they help to enhance the learning experience here, and create more rounded individuals. Students are encouraged to join one or more of these clubs, or to start their own.


The Brown’s Town Community College has the premier choir in St. Ann having won numerous Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) medals over the years for outstanding achievements in music.

The members of the choir come from a variety of backgrounds and academic interests. It is made up of a diverse group of students who strive for one goal: to share with others their passion for singing.

The Choir performs annually in the JCDC Festival Competition and at various religious and civic functions across Jamaica. Auditions begin in September, the start of the new academic year and students with a passion for singing are encouraged to be a part of the choir.

Sports and Recreation

The College offers a variety of competitive and recreational sporting activities. The intramural and intercollegiate sporting activities are coordinated by the student liaison officers and the sports coordinator.

Students are able to compete at the intercollegiate level in various activities including basketball, football, volleyball, cricket and track and field.

The football team also participates in community-based competitions that allow the staff as well as past students to compete.

Financial and Welfare Assistance

Through the Student Services Unit, Brown’s Town Community College also provides Financial and Welfare Assistance for students which include:

– Scholarships

– Bursaries

– Grants

– Student Employment/Earn and Study Programme

– Nutritional Assistance


The College is a non–residential institution. However, we assist students in finding accommodation within reasonable proximity to their campus of attendance.

Library, Science Laboratories and Computing Services

Each campus is equipped with a library and at least one Computer Laboratory as well as other laboratories based on the nature of the programmes offered at the site. All our computer laboratories are equipped with internet access; in addition, the libraries at the Brown’s Town and Discovery Bay campuses offer internet café services. The resources available to students are further enhanced through access to several Online Libraries and Databases with which the College maintains a subscription.