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History Of Brown’s Town Community College

Brown’s Town Community College was established in 1975 under the auspices of the Ministry of Education. The College is committed to being a World Class institution that provides education and training of the highest quality.

This noble institution can attribute its humble beginning to the work of some outstanding persons with much vision and foresight. The historical landmark, in the form of Huntley Park Hotel and later the Servite Convent, became the home of the first campus, with much hope for prosperity and excellence.

The Brown’s Town Community College, is located in the Dry Harbour Mountains of St. Ann, about eight miles from both Runaway Bay and Discovery Bay. The core of the student population was drawn from St. Mary, St. Ann, Trelawny and Clarendon. September 1975 saw the enrollment of one hundred and twenty five (125) full-time day students some of whom were taken from St. Hildas Diocesan High, York Castle High and Westwood High schools sixth forms and prepared as the first cohort of G.C.E, A’Level students. In fact, some students did their second year of the advanced level programme at the College.

Among the one hundred and twenty-five students, there were students of business and secretarial programmes.

Eventually, the College introduced technical and vocational programmes and prepared students to re-sit CSEC and G.C.E. O’Level examinations.

Brown’s Town Community College began with five full-time members of staff which included Ambassador Burchell Whiteman – Principal from 1975-1989 (who later served as Minister of Education, Youth and Culture from 1992 – 2002); Mr. James Walsh – Lecturer, who later became Principal and served in this capacity from 1997-2014; Mr. Lorence Brown, Lecturer; Mrs. Ruby Valentine (formerly Lake), Bursar and Mrs. Dorothy Johnson, Ancillary worker. Miss Norma Walters, who served as principal of the College from 1991-1997 was initially hired as a part- time Lecturer in 1975.

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The College now has a staff of 126 permanently employed members, with approximately 1000 day students and 245 evening students.

Only two clubs were functioning at the inception of the College – the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (now called the University and Colleges Christian Fellowship) and the Music Club. Today there are about fifteen functioning clubs at the College.

The College of Arts Science and Technology (CAST) now University of Technology (UTech) in partnership with the Brown’s Town Community College in 1992 started to offer the CAST Diploma in Business Administration and Pre-Engineering programmes. This partnership currently offers the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and the Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmaceutical Technology.

Since 2001 the Brown’s Town Community College falls directly under the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica, which is a statutory agency under the Ministry of Education. Of the twenty one full-time programmes that the College offers, seven are CCCJ programmes ranging from Bachelor and Associate degrees to Certificate programme. The Evening and Community Outreach Division offers approximately fifteen programmes ranging from Bachelor and Associate Degree programmes to Diploma, Certificate, CAPE, CSEC, HEART/NTA and Community Outreach programmes such as the Belle-Aire Skills Training Programme.

The Students’ Union Executive is as old as the College itself and is elected on a yearly basis. The Executive is the administrator of the students’ affairs which helps with the formulation of College rules and disciplinary measures and plays a pivotal role in the life of the College. As a result, every year the newly elected group is sent on a training seminar on planning and administration before they actually begin their term in of[1]ice. The ethical and moral principles which are supposed to be an integral part of management practices are instilled in these sessions. Incidentally, the original students’ executive’s of[1]ice was located in the altar section of the chapel that was built by the Servite Sisters in the 1950s.

The growth of the Brown’s Town Community College led to the establishment of a second campus on the site of the old Wesley College on Gordon Tennant Road in St. Ann’s Bay. The Wesley campus was started in September 1993, with Mr. Trevor Fitz-Henley as the Campus Administrator. This campus facilitated students from St. Mary, Ocho Rios and the St. Ann’s Bay areas, preventing them from having to travel to Brown’s Town for programmes which could be conveniently offered at the new campus. In 2003, the Wesley Campus was transformed into the home of the first nursing school in the Northern region of the island. This campus offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in collaboration with the University of the West Indies and the Nursing Council of Jamaica.

The year 2000 witnessed the destruction of the historical landmark, the Huntley Park Hotel. This section of the Brown’s Town Community College was burnt to the ground. Many classrooms and staff offices were destroyed but the College took proactive decisions, and within a short period of time, some degree of normality was restored. The fire did not put a damper on the decision taken previously to establish the third campus.

The year 2001 marked the establishment of the Technical Campus, located in Discovery Bay, St. Ann, on the site of the old Kaiser Administration offices. This decision arose out of the need to satisfy the growing demand for training in the technical areas. Among the programmes offered at the Technical Campus are the Council of Community Colleges’ and City and Guilds certified programmes.

In 2012, training was initiated for tractor trailer drivers which led to the establishment of the Industrial Training Unit in 2014. This unit is located in Lydford, Golden Grove where we offer the Tractor Trailer Drivers Training Programme. This decision arose out of the need to satisfy the local and international demands for professional tractor trailer drivers.

For forty (40) years, Brown’s Town Community College has played a major role in shaping the lives of students in St. Ann and its surroundings, enabling them to become well rounded, academically, morally, spiritually and physically. To commemorate this achievement we have been celebrating our 40th Anniversary since September 2015 under the theme “FORTIFIED: Reflecting on the Past, Repositioning for the Future.”

In 2015 Mrs. Claudeth Fletcher was appointed principal. She is the firsts past student to be principal of Brown’s Town Community College.

“Committed to Service” has been the motto of the Brown’s Town Community College since 1975. In keeping with the essence of this motto, the institution sees its mission as providing quality education and training as it transitions to become a world class institution.