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E-Books Databases

There are many Databases that may prove useful in research. These databases provide access to information found in books, periodicals or journals and the information is presented in full text format – that is, the entire article may be viewed once access is gained.

How to use the Databases

Each database has an unique URL (Uniform Resource Locator).


Link. Springer



PubMed Central –

(No username and password needed)

BioMed Central –

(No username and password needed)

Access is gained to the databases by typing in the respective URL.  After which a search box is given in which the researcher may type in the search term and then select GO.

After a search has been performed successfully, a listing of relevant hits is given to the search. If the hits are not precise or, are too wide ,  the researcher may use the Boolean Operators AND  NOT,  to refine and narrow the search or use OR to widen the search.