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Academic Information

Academic Year

The schedule is as follows:
Semester 1 – August to December
Semester 2 – January to May
Semester 3 – May to July/August

NB. Classes for some programmes are offered in semesters 1 and 2 ONLY. (See programme requirements).

Academic Advisement

The Academic Advisor lends support and guidance to, and encourages students to make decisions that support their academic goals. The core functions of the Academic Advisor are to:

  • Provide guidance on academic policies and regulations.
  • Provide support for students faced with challenges which could affect their academic performance.
  • Review students’ progress throughout the academic year and counsel students who may be in danger of failing their programme of study.
  • Provide students with information on the resources available at the College that can be used to improve their academic performance.


Students must observe deadlines for the submission of all course work and examination based assignments.

Academic Misconduct

As a community college, Brown’s Town Community College strives to instill and foster intellectual honesty and integrity.

Effective evaluation of students’ work can only take place in an environment in which intellectual honesty is respected. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to inappropriate giving or receiving of help during tests and plagiarism.

Acts of academic dishonesty are serious infringements, which subvert the integrity and credibility of the educational process.

The College will therefore initiate action to discipline students who engage in acts of academic dishonesty.

Internal Examination Procedures

Examination Schedule
In addition to coursework, that is, tests, assignments, presentations etc., which form an integral part of our
evaluation requirements, there are official examinations held during specified times throughout the
academic year.

The schedule is as follows:
Semester 1 – December
Semester 2 – April/ May
Semester 3 – August

It is the responsibility of each candidate to check the General Examination Timetable and report any problems such as clashes, omissions etc to the Coordinator of Examinations within three (3) days of the posting of the timetable.
Students MUST check the timetable intermittently for changes which may occur subsequent to the posting of the timetable
Only students who are in good financial standing and have satisfied all other requirements will be admitted to examinations.

Examination Card

Each student must have an examination card and College identification card at each examination sitting which must be prominently displayed on the desk. Examination cards should be collected from the Registrar’s office or other designated locations on the scheduled dates. The presence of any written information on examination cards, except examination title, date and time will be seen as an attempt to cheat.

Examination Receipts
An examination receipt is issued to a student in return for an examination script at the end of the examination. This will be proof that examination script has been submitted.

External Examination
All students who are required to or desirous of entering for CAPE, CSEC and City & Guilds
examinations are able to do same through the institution.

Notices and reminders of the processes are available through the College’s Student Management System after completing the registration process.