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Welcome to BTCC

An institution where academic excellence is our hallmark.

Our Mission

We contribute to the socio-economic development of our community, Jamaica and the world by providing an enabling environment that enhances the knowledge, skills and attitudes of our students

Our Vision

A student-centered, community-focused, environmentally-friendly and technology-driven higher educational institution graduating innovative, critically-thinking global citizens who matriculate to higher studies, create jobs or are engaged in quality endeavors.

Our Values

– Excellence
– Integrity
– Customer-Centricity
– Teamwork
– Accountability

Hon. Burchell Whiteman First Principal

Honourable Burchell Whiteman is a former Jamaican Ambassador and former Minister of Education who served as Principal from 1975 – 1989.

BTCC History

Brown’s Town Community College was established in 1975 under the auspices of the Ministry of Education. The College is committed to being a World Class institution that provides education and training of the highest quality.

This noble institution can attribute its humble beginning to the work of some outstanding persons with much vision and foresight. The historical landmark, in the form of Huntley Park Hotel and later the Servite Convent, became the home of the first campus, with much hope for prosperity and excellence.

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BTCC Programme Offerings

The programmes offered at BTCC challenges and inspire students to discover their passion and realize their potential. Our learning community is highly collaborative, real-world focused, and research-based.

BTCC Admission

Your path to a collaborative, inclusive, progressive education begins here. The resources below will help you navigate the application process so that you can begin to imagine yourself on campus.

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