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4th Annual CCCJ Track and Field Championships

Date Published: May 7, 2019
receives his silver medal for second place in the 800m

Team Rankings

The meet was held at the G.C. Foster College on Saturday, March 23, 2019



BTCC Medals - 5

1. Montego Bay147Silver - 400M (Men) Lamario Wright
2. Moneague132Silver - 800M (Men) Lamario Wright
3. CASE106Silver - Sprint Medley Relay (Men)
4. Knox53Bronze - Shot Put (Women) Davia Bendor
5. Brown's Town37Bronze - 4x100m Relay (Women)



1. Excelsior160
2. Knox 148
3. Montego Bay68
4. Brown's Town58
5. CASE46
6. Moneague30

Combined Team Scores


1. Montego Bay215
2. Knox201
3. Moneague162
4. Excelsior160
5. CASE152
6. Brown's Town95

Tashel Linton gets ready to pass the baton to Tahelia Green in the female 4x100m relay where the team earned a bronze medal

Lamrio Wright athlete no. 016 on the heals of the athlete from Excelsior Community College in the final of the 800m

Davia Bendor competing in the female javelin after earlier securing a bronze medal in the female shot put

Lamario Wright receives his silver medal for second place in the 800m